Being hacked is no fun and rebuilding a web site is crazy.  We couldn't save most of the site, but we are adding back pictures and stories as we can. In "new" news there will be a paranormal conference held in Gainesville on August 28th and 29th.  The conference will be held in the train depot 2 blocks from HHM and there will be investigations at Hill House Manor along with tours and possibly some Gallery Readings.  I'll post a link soon.  you can make out the web address on this poster
Look at that lineup!  Any place that Scott Gruenwald shows up is BOUND to be a great event.  get your tickets ASAP.  :)     the link to get more info and ticketsIn other "new" news Linda has published the first book in the Branden's Ghosts series of children's chapter books.  The first book is called THE FIRST HUNT.  It's great reading for children from 2nd to 4th grades and we have a lot of adults enjoying it, too.  You can get it on Amazon or any online bookseller.   Amazon is cool because you can get free shipping with a large enough order. The book is only 6.95.  Introduce your kids to paranormal investigations and some of the simple tools you use in this fun story.Linda will be speaking at a conference in Lewisville on July 18th at the Paranormal Expo in Lakeland Plaza at the North West corner of old 121 and I 35.    It's going to be a fun conference and we look forward to seeing you there.More later..............    Linda

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